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The Bombay Diocesan Trust Association Pvt. Ltd.

Our Trust Association was incorporated as a Company under the Indian Companies Act 1913 as a non-profit making Company originally as The B.D.T.A. Ltd. and subsequently changed to The B.D.T.A. Pvt Ltd.. in 1962 We are also duly register a Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950.

As per the Articles of Memorandum of Association we are empowered to hold and manage Anglican Trust properties like Churches, Institutions, Schools, Cemetries etc. spread over Western India covering the area of the old Bombay Presidency. These properties are now forming a part of states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa and North Karnataka.

These immovable properties have been transferred to our Trust Association through the regular process of law i.e. Court orders and decrees. We are thus managing properties transferred to us by the S.S.J.E. i.e. St. John the Evangelist Trust Association, the C.M.T.A i.e. Church Missionary Trust Association Ltd., S.P.G Mission Society for propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts in the Diocese of Bombay, Society for All Saints and Sisters of the Poor.


The Bombay Diocesan Trust Association Pvt. Ltd.
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